Lil’ Gang$ta
Birth name Austin Charles Douglas
Born June 20, 1986 (age 26)
Origin Cleveland, OhioU.S.
Genres Conscious Hip-HopGangsta RapElectro HopGrime
Occupations Rapper
Years active 2007–present
Associated acts Rappin’ 4-TayIronikSadie Ama,Neb LuvShyheim

Austin Charles Douglas (born June 20, 1986), also known by his stage name LiL’ Gang$ta, is an American rapper from the Cuyahoga County ofClevelandOhio.



Early Life

On June 20th 1986 at 1:52pm, Austin Charles Douglas better known to the world as LiL’ Gang$ta was born. Lil’ Gangsta’s spent most of his childhood going to private schools, unfortunately not the one’s for the rich but instead the misbehaving/ court ordered. Through the private schools Lil’ Gangsta was fortunate enough to experience what only few get to have seen at his early age. In the 6th grade at the New Visions School his teacher got sick and he was thought by Farheen Hakeem. In 8th grade at the I.D.D.S. (Inner District Downtown School) school the Cash Money Millionaires tour bus broke down, Lil’ Gangsta nd his chool got to meet the Hot Boys (Lil’ WayneB.G. (rapper)Juvenile (rapper), and Young Turk (rapper)) an take pictures with them and their bus.

Music Career

Right after a year in technical college LiL’ G. made his debut on July 7th 2007 [1] [2] with the album How I’m Livin’. Then he came out with Album 30Brickz, Later he was convicted of Terroristic Threat-Reckless Disregard Risk and served five months in jail for a crime his public defender didn’t want to cover, now on probation until August 27, 2015. Upon his release from jail he released the infamous The State of Minnesota Vs A.C. Douglas in 2009, and followed up in 2010 with the notorious album Green and Red Hairz, which he stated in a few songs that he was being ill-famed by not conforming to what they wanted him to do, on the other side it also included the hit love-song “Wfy_Material (Remix)”[3] which featured James Christian Charters aka Ironik, and Sadie Ama, two artists based out of London, United Kingdon, England.

In 2010 Lil’ Gang$ta became the first rapper to combine Rap and Dubstep together. Feburary of 2012 Bay Area legend Rappin’ 4-Tay collaborated on the song Picture A Nigga[4]‘ with LiL’ G.. The song describes a character which encounters a large sum of money, and Lil’ Gang$ta asks the question, “What would you do with all that cash?”[5]


  • 2007: How I’m Livin
  • 2009: 30 Brickz
  • 2009: Wfy_Meterial
  • 2009: The State Of Minnesota Vs A.C. Douglas
  • 2010: Green and Red Hairz
  • 2010: LiL’ Gang$ta And The CleveLand Counsil
  • 2010: LiL’ G. And J. Isaac
  • 2010: Kickin’ Back Wit My NiggaZ
  • 2010: LiL’ G. And K.C Raw
  • 2010: Cleveland Takeover
  • 2010: LiL’ G. And J. Isaac Vol.2
  • 2010: Cleveland Is Tha City
  • 2010: LiL’ Gang$ta And The CleveLand Counsil Vol.2
  • 2010: Pass Out
  • 2011: LiL’ G.’S Thug-A-Thon
  • 2011: LiL’ G. And Juke Tha Don
  • 2011: LiL’ G. And Tempa Boi
  • 2011: Ride With Me
  • 2011: LiL’ Gang$ta And The CleveLand Counsil Vol.1 & 2 Collaboration
  • 2011: Crime On Grime Street
  • 2011: 2Faced
  • 2011: Everyday
  • 2012: Picture A Nigga (Single)


  • 2012: U Think U Know, But U Don’t! (LiL’ Gang$ta Documentary)


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